Do you prefer the before or after of this Vermeer painting?

8/24/2021, 5:17:36 PM
Do you prefer the before or after of this Vermeer painting? Recently, a “new” painting by Johannes Vermeer is discovered. The first image of Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window (c. 1657-59) is the version after the recent restoration. Not only have the colors brightened throughout, but a large image of Cupid on the wall has suddenly appeared. The second image shows the version before the restoration, and the last image is a version halfway the restoration. Only 35 works by Johannes Vermeer are known, so this is a major update to his oeuvre. The underpainting of the Cupid was discovered already in 1979, but it was thought initially that Vermeer had removed it himself of the composition. Not a strange thought as Vermeer is known to have made substantial changes to his compositions during the process. But scientific research has revealed that the cover-up of the Cupid had only happened decades after the rest of the painting was made. It is an intriguing case, as Vermeer’s paintings are renowned for their calmness and balance, and this newly restored painting shows a much busier composition than the ones we are used to. I am curious to hear what your thoughts are of this new version? Source: @theartnewspaper .official #Art #Painting #Artwork #ArtHistory #HistoryofArt #OilPainting #OilonCanvas #FineArts #ArtoftheDay #Vermeer #JohannesVermeer #Cupid #Restoration #Baroque #Discovery #BaroqueArt #DutchArt #DutchArtist #DutchPainter

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