An artist who went from being very popular, to garbage, to

8/23/2021, 8:00:41 PM
An artist who went from being very popular, to garbage, to being very popular again. The Finding of Moses (1904) was painted by the Anglo-Dutch artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema (). The story in based on Exodus 2:6, in which the daughter of the Pharaoh finds a baby in a basket in the river while she was bathing. The pharaoh had ordered that all baby boys had to be killed, but the mother of this baby Moses decided to abandon him in a floating basket in the Nile River. When the Pharaoh’s daughter noticed the baby, she decided to keep it and raise it. This painting is a great example of how our taste for art can change over time. Alma-Tadema was a very successful artist during his life, and in 1899 he was even knighted for his work as an artist (making him Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema). But after his death, his work quickly fell out of favor. In 1950, this painting was sold, but not because of the painting itself, but because of the frame surrounding it. By the end of the 20th century, artistic taste had changed again, and the works of Alma-Tadema are quite popular again today. And this particular painting was sold in 2010 to a private collector for almost $36 million. #Art #Painting #Artwork #ArtHistory #HistoryofArt #OilPainting #OilonCanvas #FineArts #ArtoftheDay #AlmaTadema #Tadema #Neoclassical #Moses #Biblical #Egypt #DutchArt #DutchArtist #DutchPainter

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