Portrait of Eleonora of Toledo, by Bronzino.⁠ 🎨This

5/9/2021, 11:00:36 PM
Portrait of Eleonora of Toledo, by Bronzino.⁠ 🎨This precious painting, documented by Vasari, depicts the Duchess of Florence, Eleonora di Toledo, with her little son Giovanni. It was painted in 1545 by Bronzino, who then was a student of Pontormo and the court portrait artist of the Medici. In spite of the official nature of the portrait, seen through the very refined clothing and the splendour of the jewellery, Bronzino joins the figures of the mother and child in an affectionate pose creating one of the masterpieces of European Portraiture of the 16th century and of the famous “icy portraits” by Bronzino. As a woman of the Spanish nobility, Eleonora (wife of the artist patron Cosimo di Medici) influenced Bronzino's work, paying eloquent and strong attention to ritual and ceremony. With this work he showed that tone similar to painting or marble, typical of Florentine Mannerism.⁠ 👨‍🎨Agnolo Bronzino (Italian, 1503-1572) was a mannerist painter, famous for his “icy portraits” for the great psychological distance between the sitter and the observer. After having studied with Raffaellino del Garbo, he followed Jacopo da Pontormo, one of the main Florentine mannerists, and Andrea del Sarto. When the black pest came to Florence in 1552, Bronzino was working in some frescoes in Galluzzo, where he made quite a reputation that led him to the Duke of Urbino, going back to Florence in 1532. There he earned the sympathies of Cosimo de Medici, after the decorations for his wedding with Eleonora of Toledo. He founded the Academy of Design, and the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts along with his friend Vasari. Much of Bronzino's life (and most old masters) has come down to us thanks to the famous biographies of Vasari, dating from 1550 and dedicated to the Medici court, considered the first encyclopedia of the history of Italian art.⁠ 📐Height: 115 cm (45.27 in). Width: 96 cm (37.80 in). Oil on canvas, 1544-1545.⁠ 🏛Uffizi Gallery, Florence.⁠ @uffizigalleries What do you think about this? Share and follow @monteroneart for a daily 🎨!

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