Terrible sibling drama inside 😱 Isabella, by Millais. 🎨A

3/13/2021, 5:04:34 PM
Terrible sibling drama inside 😱 Isabella, by Millais. 🎨A great Pre-Raphaelite canvas of literary inspiration. Based on Boccaccio’s Decameron (a compilation of medieval tales adored by young Romantics for its sordidness and erotism). Isabella was a single lady and everyone around her was trying to look for a desirable suitor for her, but she falls in love with Lorenzo, a schmuck. Isabella’s siblings kidnap Lorenzo and kill him in the woods, but the ghost talks to Isabella and tells her what happened, so Isabella unearths him. Since the whole body is very heavy, she takes only the head and buries it in a pot of basil. He is in the canvas sitting by Isabella, offering her a plate of blood oranges, symbolizing the later murder. 👨‍🎨John Everett Millais (British, 1829-1896) was a Romantic painter and illustrator, and foundational member of the Pre-Raphaelites, the school of painting that believed the classical poses and compositions (paramounted by Raphael) were a corrupting influence on creativity. Hence, religious, mythological or literary themes are abundant among these painters’ artwork. They were harshly criticized by Sir Joshua Reynolds and affiliated with the renowned critic John Ruskin, both key influential figures over the late Romantic Era. He gravitated towards realism after his wedding, probably with a commercial orientation inspired by a growing family. 📐Height: 103 cm (40.55 in). Width: 143 cm (56.30 in). Oil on canvas, 1849. 🏛The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. @walkerartgallery What do you think about this? Share and follow @monteroneart for more 🎨! Shop our art collections in the Link in Bio.

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