Leisurely Worry, by Hsu Tung Han. 🎨Throughout the full body

3/3/2021, 5:38:37 PM
Leisurely Worry, by Hsu Tung Han. 🎨Throughout the full body of Han’s work, his carved descriptions of form coalesce as recognizable subjects, and dissipate into the media from which it is borne, without discernible boundaries between abstraction and representation. This meditating figure is a contemporary take on oriental traditions, with exquisite care towards detail and excellent synthesis of Eastern spirituality. 👨‍🎨Hsu Tung Han (Taiwanese, 1962-) sculptures are a bridge between present and future in a single work. Famous for his pixelated figures, he specializes in figurative wooden sculptures that seem to dissolve into fields, as he sees them as puzzles, planning for each configuration through a series of drawings and models that he first makes on paper and then on clay. 📐Laos fir, 2016. 🏛Private collection. What do you think about this? Share and follow @monteroneart for more 🎨! Shop our art collections in the Link in Bio.

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