Alphonse Mucha⁣ The Seasons (series) ⁣ 1896⁣ “This was

7/25/2021, 2:44:19 AM
Alphonse Mucha⁣ The Seasons (series) ⁣ 1896⁣ “This was Mucha's first set of decorative panels and it became one of his most popular series. It was so popular that Mucha was asked by Champenois to produce at least two more sets based on the same theme in 1897 and 1900. Designs for a further two sets also exist.⁣ The idea of personifying the seasons was nothing new - examples could be found in the works of the Old Masters' as well as in Champenois's other publications. However, Mucha's nymph-like women set against the seasonal views of the countryside breathed new life into the classic theme. In the four panels shown here, Mucha captures the moods of the seasons - innocent Spring, sultry Summer, fruitful Autumn and frosty Winter, and together they represent the harmonious cycle of Nature.⁣ Art Nouveau emerged at the end of the 19th century in opposition to the official world of academic art. Seeking to break from tradition, a new generation of artists rejected the prevalent taste for highly ornamental objects that reworked earlier styles. Inspired by the unpredictability of nature and the vivid colors and bold forms found in Japanese art, they began producing organic forms embellished with sinuous curves, naturalistic hues, and daringly asymmetrical forms. This new style found a wide and largely supportive audience when it was promoted at the Exposition Universelle of 1900 in Paris. Yet its popularity ultimately led to the style’s demise. Interested in the handcrafted quality of their work, most Art Nouveau designers avoided mass production, but the increasing demand for their work drove many to create cheaper works, abandoning the movement’s original ideals. Although short-lived, Art Nouveau’s efforts to make a deliberate and decisive break from the past would become a hallmark of modern art.”⁣ #modernart #20thcenturyart #paintings #painting #artlovers #artists #famousart #artlegends #art #thearts #everythingart #arteverything #artislife #artislife e🎨 #dailyart #fineart #artoftheday #artstagram #artofinstagram #arthistorian #arthistorynerd #arthistory #historyofart #artlove #alphonsemucha #mucha #theseasonsseries #muchaseasons #artnoveau #artnoveaustyle

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