Frederick George Cotman (1850 - 1920): One of the Family

1/14/2021, 2:07:03 PM
Frederick George Cotman (1850 - 1920): One of the Family, 1880, oil on canvas, 102,6 x 170 cm, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK . Frederick George Cotman was an English painter of landscapes, portraits and interiors. Set on a midsummer afternoon, his present painting is a reflection on a family’s lifestyle back in the nineteenth century. The family consist of a mother, 3 children and a house maid with a dog and a horse! The painting creates a sense of mystery as the man in the corner is unnoticeable, which makes the viewers wonder if he is a part of this family. The late afternoon sun set aside the family members from the background. The main story lies in the activities of each individual user within the painting. They are all doing different activities and each leads our eyes to certain points around the image. Firstly, the daughter and her mother sends a powerful message to the viewers as their hands gestures and eye direction leads the users to the horse that is slightly off-centre. Furthermore, the son and house maid both are designed with a pyramidal composition.

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