Pablo Picasso⁣ Bust of a Woman⁣ 1944⁣ “Bust of a Woman is a

1/1/2021, 4:18:05 PM
Pablo Picasso⁣ Bust of a Woman⁣ 1944⁣ “Bust of a Woman is a painting in oil on canvas by Pablo Picasso. It depicts a woman whose body is rendered in a semi-abstract style. The face is painted half in white and half in grey, suggesting light and shadow, while the red horizontal and purple vertical lines on the lower and upper halves of the canvas provide a chaotic background. The woman’s dress is green, and this colour is picked up in the bonnet of her hat, as is the yellow of her hair.⁣⁣ Picasso painted Bust of a Woman in Paris on 5 May 1944, during the final months of the Nazi Occupation. Although his wartime work is often seen as austerely monochromatic, the higher colouring of this work may suggest the prospect of liberation. His model was the photographer Dora Maar and the painting shows the typical physiognomy that he attributed to her and that had appeared in supremely anguished form seven years earlier in Weeping Woman 1937 (Tate T05010). In Bust of a Woman Maar is shown wearing a hat and green clothing, and sits on a black metal chair. The angular and planar structure of her face are achieved with a linear simplicity, allowing for the contrasting orientation of nose and mouth. This configuration occurs repeatedly in the sequence of 1944 portraits of which this is one. Another, painted on the same day and also titled Bust of a Woman (private collection), shows a taller hat, but taken together the two works reveal how Picasso rethought the structure of the shoulders and upper arms from canvas to canvas. At times, as here, the upper arms have a brick-like shape, whereas in others they are almost detached. Eventually, in Seated Woman 1944 (Musée Picasso, Paris), painted in July of the same year, the depiction of Maar is both more elaborate and more realistic.⁣⁣ On December 31, 2019 a man had been charged with criminal damage after this painting was attacked at the Tate Modern art gallery in London.⁣⁣ The venue has taken the artist's 1944 painting Bust of a Woman off display while the damage is assessed. It was reported to have been ripped.”⁣⁣ #modernart #20thcenturyart #paintings #painting #artlovers #pablopicasso #picasso #bustofawoman

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