Arnold Böcklin: War (Der Krieg), 1896, 100  x 69 cm (39.37

Arnold Böcklin: War (Der Krieg), 1896, 100 x 69 cm (39.37

4/17/2021, 1:45:54 PM
Arnold Böcklin: War (Der Krieg), 1896, 100 x 69 cm (39.37 X 27.17 in.), Oil on wood, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister - Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany #ArnoldB öcklin #B öcklin #Art #Paintings #Painters #Arthistory #Swiss #Symbolism #pittore #pittura #pintor #pintura #peintre #peinture #Malerei #Arte #Symbolist #Maler #allegorical #war #Krieg The painting depicts the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who are the forces of man's destruction described in the Christian Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation. The four horsemen are traditionally named after the powers they represent: War, Famine, Pestilence and Death; only Death, however, is directly named in the Bible. The war is almost completely out of sight of the observer riding on the right of pestilence. Femine wears a sulfur-yellow garment and holds a sword. At the right edge, death rides victoriously on his horse. His head is crowned with a laurel wreath. His performance is reminiscent of a woodcut of Alfred Rethel or medieval Triumph of Death representations. On his saddle blanket the four letters are ALEP, stands for the Greek word aleptos (invincible, invulnerable). Below the group the city, on which the pestilence spreads fire resembles the architectural features and landscape of a Tuscan town. Böcklin created the painting a few years before his death in Italy, where he lived since 1895. At that time he had many problems like illness, misfortunes and lack of money, so it was a personal interpretation of destructive powers. Dissatisfied with the painting (he described it as " the system already unsuccessful"), he began a second version, but it remained unfinished in December 1896.

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